Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are – The Green Parent

The story of Wild Wood Groves is a passionate and interesting one.

Ruth Hajioff started her career as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. In 2000 she visited Morocco to study with a famed herbalist based in Agadir. It was he who introduced her to argan oil and its amazing health-giving properties.

Doing background research into the oil she found that the tree falls under the protection of UNESCO, who have designated the trees as a World Heritage site. The oil is harvested and pressed using traditional methods by Berber tribeswomen and preserves an ancient way of life which has all but disappeared in more developed areas. As a result of the trip, Ruth made the life-changing decision to pursue a new career developing and selling argan in the UK and Europe.

Her goal was to promote the benefits of argan, both for good health and as a delicious food. The key for Ruth was being able to do all this while remaining true to the conservation of the argan tree and the lifestyle of the Berber people who make their living from it.

Wild Wood Groves products are made at an ethical-trade production centre near Agadir. Work at the centre preserves the traditional methods of production. The preparation is still carried out by hand, and it can take up to ten hours to crack enough nuts to produce one litre of finest quality oil. The work is continued by the Berber tribeswomen who work and are paid in line with fair trade standards. Moulay Hassan Daoui, an argan expert, sources the best local fruit and supervises production and Ruth works tirelessly to promote both the oil and the region she loves.

Wild Wood Groves argan oil is cold pressed and completely natural. It is rich in vitamin E, which restores dry skin and reduces wrinkles. The oil can be used during pregnancy as it improves elasticity and nutrient levels in the skin ceils, softens scars and helps prevent stretch marks. The argan oil is gentle enough for baby’s delicate skin and is traditionally used to treat dry eczema, acne & chicken pox.