Hand Made Moroccan Necklaces

These necklaces are a unique mixture of fossilised coral, semi-precious stones and silver ornaments from Morocco and all over Africa.

Each one is a little piece of history. Ancient designs follow the Berber traditions of each region. Fossilised coral from the Atlas Mountains dates back to ancient times, when the rocks that formed the range were under the sea. Silver mined in Tiznit is made into a variety of beads and adornments. Semi precious stones including agate and turquoise among them are mixed with small silver charms, shells, ebony beads and arranged to bring good fortune. Genuine pieces are becoming very rare and hard to find. No two pieces are exactly the same.

All Necklaces reduced in price for a limited time only.


Add Giftwrapping in hand-made Chinese mulberry paper and raffia for a man or woman to complete your gift. We can wrap individual items or your whole order as one large item. Please indicate your preference in the Notes field of the checkout.