A Top Model Face Oil Tip

A Top Model Face Oil Tip – Fabtips

Now don’t go thinking Argan Oil is just a fad or a trend – the Berbers of Morocco have been using this nutritious elixir for centuries in both cooking and grooming.

Absolutely full of vitamin E and essential fatty acids it’s fair to say that Argan oil packs a pretty potent punch in the anti-ageing department.

And back to these little glass bottles of joy – ‘Wild Wood Groves’ blend’s are genuinely delightful – a mixture of heavenly essential oils plus ethically sourced Argan complete with in build droppers meaning not one dot is wasted (oh how we applaud sensible packaging).

We’ve been massaging ours on in the evening and waking up to perfected, radiant skin that’s visibly less lined thanks to the argan blend’s hydrating and regenerative properties.

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