Natural skin care recommended for festive faces

Natural skin care recommended for festive faces –

The holiday season is a time to party; however, a well-honed natural skin care routine could be preferable to overwhelming faces with too many different creams and gels.

Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist Ruth Hajioff explains that many people tend to use a wide array of different products during the winter to keep their skin feeling moisturised. But this can upset some people’s complexion – and it may be better to opt for a simpler natural skin care routine, she suggests. “The best skin-rejuvenating ingredients occur naturally ” she says. “At this time of year I’d recommend finding a natural skin care product that is gentle to sensitive skin. Useful ingredients to look out for include argan oil which contains high vitamin E levels ” Ms Hajioff adds. “Such natural remedies can prove favourable compared with potentially irritating chemical compounds.”

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