Is this the most ethical meal on earth?

Is this the most ethical meal on earth? – The Observer Food Monthly

We asked Joanna Blythman, the author of Bad Food Britain, to whip up a supper with a conscience

Wild Wood Groves Argan Oil – This London-based company imports oil that is harvested by fairly-paid Berber women who might otherwise have no income. Extreme drought and exploitation of the ancient Argan forest of North Africa has destroyed a third of it. A further 40 per cent of what’s left could go by 2008. Unesco is trying to protect it. Argan oil is loaded with vitamin E and essential fatty acids. By using Argan oil, you encourage people to cherish their life-sustaining Argan trees. Wild Wood Groves imports the oil from its purpose-built ethical-trade production centre in the Argan forest in southwest Morocco.
by Joanna Blythman