Checking the Argan fruit stock

Checking the Argan fruit stock


After the argan harvest in late summer it is time to stock up.

The way we make sure our argan seeds have never been eaten by goats is to buy the whole fruit either direct from someone who owns Argan trees or in the local Tuesday soukh. One large sack weighs around 80 kg. After the fruit has been stripped and the nuts cracked the remaining seeds will weigh 3-4 kg enough to make approx one litre of oil.

We store the sacks in a cool dry place over wooden planks so the air can circulate. They keep well  several years as long as the storage area is cool and airy.

Argan seeds can also be bought in the soukh these are measured out in a conical scoop, one being near enough the right amount for a litre of oil. This is often the way local people buy them to fulfil their day to day needs.