The good oils guide – Nutrition Knowledge – Here’s Health

The good oils guide – Nutrition Knowledge – Here’s Health

Argan Oil
Traditionally eaten for breakfast in Morocco, with freshly baked bread, this is currently being hailed as an exciting alternative to truffle oil, as well as a very healing EFA-rich oil. Cultivated from a nut-like fruit, it’s rich in omgea 6 and antioxidants, and contains almost twice as much vitamin E as olive oil. Unlike any other oil, it also contains rare plant sterols, which give it anti-inflammatory properties that can help eczema, scars, stretchmarks, acne and psoriasis. It can be used as a beauty treatment – the Berber women in Morocco have used it for centuries to counteract the ravages of ageing and harsh weather, and it can restore shine to dull, lifeless hair and help condition brittle nails.

Get the Goodness: This oil is ideal for drizzling on salads and its rich, nutty flavour adds depth and taste to food. You can also buy it as a skin serum and massage onto the skin or scalp overnight for deep nourishment.


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