Special Offers 2020

NEW! Argan rollerball blends

We are very excited to introduce two limited edition rare absolute blends in a 10ml rollerball bottle.

These will cost £22.50 and for a limited time come with their own thuja boxes free of charge. After that you will be able to buy them with or without a box. These are ideal to keep in your handbag to use as a top-up.

Pure argan and honeysuckle absolute

Aromatic honeysuckle soothes the skin, relieves inflammation and itching. It also has anti-oxidant benefits.
It is a good source of saponins that soften the skin. We are using a pure absolute with a most sensual and uplifting aroma.

10ml Argan Rollerball & Thuja box


Pure argan with frangipani and gardenia absolute

Frangipani de-stresses, aids sleep and connects with inner peace and confidence. A truly romantic aroma.
Gardenia apart from being an exciting exotic aroma lifts the mood, is an anti-oxidant and is calming.

10ml Argan Rollerball & Thuja box


  • This cleansing bar is amazing, got it as a gift with the Rose and Frankincense facial oil a while ago but only just got round to trying it. Wow! Takes off all my makeup, better than my usual cleanser and my skin feels brilliant after, soft and clean. The extra benefit is its softening my hands at the same time. Will be getting more of this, its brilliant!!!
  • "When I am feeling decadent I put it on my face at night and my skin feels much softer the next day! I would recommend this oil to anyone."
    Sarita Cameron
  • "I cannot praise this argan/aromatherapy oil highly enough. I had my legs waxed recently and the beauty therapist remarked on how firm my skin was. I said I body brushed every day and massaged with argan oil. There can be no doubt that my skin is they way it is because of my regime and because of including in it Ruth's wonderful creation."
    Caroline Finnigan
  • I spent my 30s spending hundreds of pounds on the latest 'proven to work' super creams, potions, etc and also admit to trying Botox ..... Then I discovered Ruth and now in my forties, my skin and overall health and well being are better than ever. I'm also saving so much money and time as I've binned all the bottles! My skin only requires a 'Ruth blend' which is 100% natural and comes in one tiny bottle ... Morning, night, winter, summer ... Nothing else is needed to keep my skin supple, lifted, moisturised and glowing. As for any signs of ageing I've replaced Botox with a 'Ruth session'. The tiny, painless facial needles have smoothed away lines and her mini facial lifts and plumps whilst optional needles are given to body points to release anything you may be struggling with that day ... Fatigue, stress, anxiety.
    It’s great when friends ask what I'm doing to make my skin look so fresh and radiant when they know I'm a caffeine and prosecco addict!  Saskia W.
  • I used this as an intensive overnight moisturizer after I’d been in the sun all day- it was brilliant. 'Here's Health'
    Tried and tested. Wild Wood Groves Argan *STAR BUY* Sept 2003
  • "I travel a lot and work in extreme environments and have even used my precious oil on grateful colleagues who have burnt themselves in the sun! I can honestly say that this is the best beauty product I own."
    Caroline Finnigan

Argan soap bar with 15ml lavender & Thuja box

These are really useful thuja boxes.  Hand crafted in Essaouira from the root of the Thuja tree. They can be used for jewellery afterwards. They contain one facial cleansing bar, made for us with 30% argan oil and a 15ml bottle of lavender Argan oil with no dripper, but we will add one separately. This can be interchangeable on request for mens blend, baby blend, hair & beard oil or body & bath. Simply state your preference in the comments box. These are an absolute bargain, only a limited quantity remain.


Sliding Thuja Boxes + FREE second Argan Blend

Buy a hand crafted thuja slide top box in any size and and any oil for a gift, and get second bottle of the same size absolutely free to keep for yourself.

Simply buy any Thuja sliding box with any of our Argan Skincare blends and we’ll automatically include a free bottle of the same size when we post it out.

15ml Argan & cylindrical Thuja box + Free additional 15ml Argan oil blend

Thuja 15 ml cylindrical boxes buy one with an oil and get a second bottle free.

Any two 15ml Argan oils & Thuja box

We have some beautiful boxes hand crafted from the root of the Thuja tree that hold 2 x 15ml bottles. These make wonderful gifts and can also be used for jewellery or pins afterwards. Only a limited quantity remain. Choose any two blends you like and write it in the comments box. Very limited quantity remaining

Regular price £39.50 – £44.50

Special offer £29.50

30ml Ultimate Rescue cream & Thuja box

For dry or combination skin, use in conjunction with Rescue Eye Serum twice daily. For extra dry/mature skin, use Rescue Serum (argan with cactus) on your skin at night and Rescue Cream in the daytime. Cactus seed oil (opuntia ficus-indica) is produced from the tiny seeds of the Barbary fig which grows in Southern Morocco. The prickly fruit are collected with gloves before being peeled. The pulp is removed and sieved to collect the seeds which contain 5% oil. The yield is very small and time consuming to produce, 1,000kg being needed to produce a litre of oil. It is rich in Vitamin E, plant sterols and essential fatty acids (85%) including omega 3 and 6. It works very well to promote cellular regeneration and helps to protect skin from pollution damage and harsh weather. This cream contains pure cold-pressed cactus seed oil combined with shea butter, geranium essential oil (known for its balancing properties) and geranium flower water.

Regular price £42.95

Special offer £32.50

3 x 5 ml Argan Oil Blends

For Men with men’s blend, baby blend, hair & beard oil

Men’s Blend: Pure Argan oil with the aromatic & woody scents of Australian sandalwood and Moroccan cedar and clary sage.

Baby Blend: Pure argan with cooling French lavender and anti-inflammatory German blue chamomile.

Hair & Beard Oil: Argan oil infused with Moroccan herbs and blended with nigella, avocado and jojoba oils.

For Women with rose absolute , baby blend, neroli & sandalwood

Rose Absolute: Romantic and feminine, rose is said to calm anxiety, lift low spirits and to balance the mind as well as being an ancient aphrodisiac.

Baby Blend: Pure argan with cooling French lavender and anti-inflammatory German blue chamomile.

Neroli & Sandalwood: Neroli is produced from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. It has a refreshing and distinctive spicy aroma with sweet flowery notes. Sandalwood is calming and good for mature skin.


Moroccan Earrings

These beautiful Moroccan earrings are all crafted silver from Essaouira with semi-precious stones. Most are stamped 925 silver.