NEW! Neroli and Argan Brightening Treatment

NEW! Neroli and Argan Brightening Treatment

Our New Neroli and Argan Brightening Treatment contains Argan oil, ground Argan seeds, Neroli floral water, Neroli and Sandalwood essential oils.

  • Neroli (orange blossom) is revitalising and believed to promote peace.
  • Sandalwood has a calming cleansing effect.

Both are suitable for all skin types including mature skin.

This softening, brightening and deeply moisturising treatment contains finely ground Argan seeds, a by-product of the cold pressing that produces the again skin care oil. We have used this in place of polluting plastic micro beads as it is much softer, natural and bio-degradable. This makes it far more environmentally friendly, as well as so much more gentle on the skin.


This is the seed residue expelled by our cold press after the skin care oil is produced. To make this new product, I have brought some back and ground it. The rest will be fed to goats and cattle as usual.

Our treatment works a little like a scrub, but is far less abrasive. As you massage the product in, you will see the ground argan seed lift any dead skin and dullness from your complexion. This is simply rolled away to reveal glowing, moisturised skin. Leave the remaining cream to soak in to moisturise and soothe your skin. The treatment is great on the face, hands, elbows and knees to help gently remove any dead skin and to deeply moisturise any dry patches. We suggest weekly, but it can safely be used as often as you wish.

The dry part of the seeds is expelled from the cold press after the oil is extracted at our workshop in Morocco. After learning of the damage caused to the environment by micro-beads which cannot be filtered out of waste water, I decided to bring some of this back from Morocco in order to create this new product. Being organic matter, the seeds are entirely safe for the environment. The rest of this dry seed residue is fed to cattle and goats as usual. I love the fact that with Argan, nothing is wasted.” – Ruth


Take a pea sized ball and massage it gently into the skin. As you massage, the ground seed will lift any dead skin away. Once the Argan cream is absorbed simply brush off the ground argan seeds to reveal a fresh and bright glow.

You can experience this great new cream for yourself, it’s now available in our shop in 30ml jars.


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