Naomi Donne// Made Up Stories: Naomie Harris

Naomi Donne// Made Up Stories: Naomie Harris

** Not to be missed! Naomi Donne’s Made Up Stories starting with Naomie Harris. Look carefully and you’ll spot our bottles. **


“My name is Naomi Donne and I’m a BAFTA nominated make-up designer. Having worked with countless celebrities on numerous award-winning films, I am now ready to introduce my tricks of the trade from my years of experience with the help of a few familiar faces on the way.

Introducing my first video in my series of ‘Made Up Stories’ with the very gorgeous Naomie Harris, where she does her own Miss Moneypenny inspired makeup.

On this journey I am going to be making up some of my dearest friends from stage and screen, addressing facial skin problems & executing extreme makeovers for people who have not been able to access this opportunity.

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