Keep natural skin care simple over the party season

Keep natural skin care simple over the party season –

Natural skin care fans should avoid using too many products over the festive season to avoid breakouts, one expert has suggested.

Ruth Hajioff, a trained Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist and owner of Wild Wood Groves, said too much natural face cream and too many different lotions can compound the problems caused by late nights and lots of makeup.

Ms Hajioff said it is a common mistake to try and overcompensate for the excesses of the party season, but one that should be avoided. She also advised you choose your products wisely, explaining: “Some chemicals that are used in everyday products are damaging to the skin. The best skin-rejuvenating ingredients occur naturally, at this time of year I’d recommend finding a natural skin care product that is … specifically designed for your skin-type.”

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