Girl About Town

Girl About Town

You may not have heard of it yet, but Argan Oil is going to be the next big thing as far as beauty products are concerned. The product of the Argan tree fruit from Morocco, Argan Oil has both anti-inflammatory properties and is richer in vitamin E and antioxidants than olive oil.

Now, Ruth Hajioff of Wild Wood Groves is offering a range of Argan Skin Care Beauty Serums. Use as a facial treatment or night oil, apply to extra dry hair, or even smear on troubled skin as Argan Oil has been shown to help acne as well as eczema and psoriasis. (If your pregnant, it can help prevent stretch marks.) Ruth offers four individual blends of the Serum: Rose (balances the hormones); Jasmine (a sensual blend); Mimosa (to lift the spirits) and Lavender (soothes inflammation and reduces scaring). All are available mail order from Ruth who sources the oil herself, from her website.


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