Argan – the caviar of oils

Argan – the caviar of oils

Optimum Nutrition – Autumn 2004

“While the Italians prefer olive oil to margarine, in Morocco Argan oil is the traditional spread… Argan oil is 80 per cent unsaturated and has almost twice as much vitamin E as olive oil. It contains the essential fatty acid linoleic acid (Omega-6), which cannot be made in the body and must therefore be obtained from the diet. Essential fatty acids affect cell membrane fluidity, helping to prevent loss of moisture from the skin. They also play a part in the formation of hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which can reduce pain and swelling, and help blood circulation. Argan oil contains rare plant sterols (phytosterols) such as spinasterol and schottenol. Phytosterols reduce inflammation and help block cholesterol absorption from the intestines.
With its rich, nutty flavour, argan oil can be used as a finishing touch for cooked food, especially grilled fish or chicken and roasted vegetables. It also makes an excellent salad dressing, with or without lemon juice.”


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