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Traditionally used by Berber women to nourish their hair skin and nails Argan skin care oil is a pure natural skin food.


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Rich in Vitamin E, Argan is used instead of any other moisturisers – apply morning and night to protect  and soften your skin.

Argan’s anti-oxidant properties from high Vitamin E levels contribute to the neutralisation of free-radicals, particularly useful in the polluted Western hemisphere.

Argan’s anti-ageing properties due to saponins which soften the skin, restore fluids to your skin’s lipid layer reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Argan’s anti-inflammatory properties from plant sterols cool and soothe skin that has been exposed to wind and sun, reducing dryness and redness.

Argan culinary oil is 80% unsaturated and contains eight essential fatty acids.

Argan  oil contains twice as much vitamin E as olive oil and is rich in anti-oxidants.

Argan oil contains rare plant sterols not found in other oils, which have anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial for arthritic or rheumatic conditions.

Most of all the rich nutty flavour  of Argan oil is delicious on salads, stirred into soups, with couscous or as a dip for freshly baked bread.

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Ruth Hajioff - Founder of Wild Wood Groves

My passion for argan

began in 2000 when I visited Morocco to study Moroccan herbal medicine having heard of a renowned herbalist who had practiced his art for 45 years. He looked like a medieval wizard with his flowing white robes topped by a fez. We struck up a rapport immediately.

As a Chinese herbalist it was fascinating to compare our two disciplines. This is where I was introduced to argan oil and here my passion for this unique product began…

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All our products are fairly traded and ethically produced, so you can feel as good on the inside as you do on the outside.

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  • "I have been using your Argan Rescue Serum for a year now and must say that it has made my skin wonderfully soft and clear. I am 63 so my skin, especially on my neck, needs a lot of hydration. The serum really makes a lot of difference and goes a long way. I can't live without it now!"
  • "Argan oil is the most extraordinary product I have come across. My 2 year old suffers from sporadic raw red eczema and nothing has helped. The first time he had it all over his stomach for months and months, within 2 days of using the oil the redness had gone and within three he was completely cured- it has never returned."
    Sarita Cameron
  • I spent my 30s spending hundreds of pounds on the latest 'proven to work' super creams, potions, etc and also admit to trying Botox ..... Then I discovered Ruth and now in my forties, my skin and overall health and well being are better than ever. I'm also saving so much money and time as I've binned all the bottles! My skin only requires a 'Ruth blend' which is 100% natural and comes in one tiny bottle ... Morning, night, winter, summer ... Nothing else is needed to keep my skin supple, lifted, moisturised and glowing. As for any signs of ageing I've replaced Botox with a 'Ruth session'. The tiny, painless facial needles have smoothed away lines and her mini facial lifts and plumps whilst optional needles are given to body points to release anything you may be struggling with that day ... Fatigue, stress, anxiety.
    It’s great when friends ask what I'm doing to make my skin look so fresh and radiant when they know I'm a caffeine and prosecco addict!
  • "I recently bought a small bottle of the jasmine-scented argan oil for face from you and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it. And the postage was super quick which made me really happy! I'm definitely going to be ordering more of your products soon."
  • "Thank you again for the lavender Argan oil, it is lovely. I am treating myself to your Rescue eye serum and cream. Your Argan rescue serum is the most wonderful (and soothing) skin product that I have ever used and at 62 I have used quite a few! It is pure bliss!"
    Christine P
  • "It fills the bathroom with the heady aromas of rosemary lavender and rose and leaves my skin amazingly soft and supple. I never go travelling without a bottle."
    Caroline Finnigan