Wild Wood Groves Argan Oils for food and natural skincare are ethically produced and fairly traded from a sustainable source at my purpose made workshop in the heart of the argan region of Morocco—Established in the UK and Morocco since 2001.

Ethically Produced and Fairly Traded—Photos by Clay Perry

‘I have been using your Argan Rescue Serum for a year now and must say that it has made my skin wonderfully soft and clear. I am 63 so my skin, especially on my neck, needs a lot of hydration. The serum really makes a lot of difference and goes a long way. I can't live without it now!’ — Caroline

Sophie Dahl

‘I love, love, love Wild Wood Grove's argan oil blends. The Lavender is magical in the bath, and the Baby blend is perfect for even the most temperamental of skins. Gentle and ethical, they are total bliss for the skin.’ — Sophie Dahl